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CTP Packaging is a focused carton packaging producer using state of the art litho and gravure, die cutting and gluing equipment to offer flexible, quality, cost effective products and services.

Our focus is on innovative, eye-catching, international quality products to ensure unparalleled brand awareness on retail shelves. Where international industry standards are prescribed CTP Packaging compares favourably with international print standards.

We continuously endeavour to acquaint ourselves formally and informally in the industry with the needs of the customers and their markets in the industry so as to increase our understanding and awareness to become more effective and proactive.

Taking into account the emmence pressure placed on environmental and carbon footprint concerns, CTP is on a constant search for alternative boards and environmentally friendly products.

BBBEE: Level 3 VAV (Value Add Vendor).
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems); GS1 (barcode) compliant; FSC Certified; Regular pharmaceutical audits (Pass); regular carbon footprint audit (Pass); Project (WIP) ISO 22000/HACCP (Food Safety Management Systems).


In the early 1900's the Cape Times newspaper company situated in the city of Cape Town opened a General printing works in the suburb of Parow.

In 1952 Cape Times purchased an established Johannesburg based printer and built a new factory in the suburb of Malvern, it was then decided to move their production facility to Industria West, Johannesburg in the late 1980's.

The newly formed company in Johannesburg was re-named Cape & Transvaal Printers (CTP) and was equipped to produce packaging related products.

During the 1980's there were various take-overs and reverse take-overs finally resulting in the CTP group being purchased by Caxton Limited.

In 1992 another large packaging printer (Clegg Packaging) was purchased. The more modern equipment from that company was moved to Industria West and the company was re-named CTP-Clegg (Litho Div.).

From 1998-2002, approximately R20 million was spent on updating equipment and purchasing new additional equipment at both the Gravure and Litho plants in order to ensure top quality products reach our customers. Added to these purchases was our achievement in obtaining SABS ISO 9002 certification. We also achieved a SABS ISO 9001:2008 certification.

In 2006 CTP Packaging moved over to Elandsfontein and took over another printing company namely Highland Print.

Company Profile

As CTP Packaging people, our mission is to conduct our business responsibly and profitably with our obligation being to serve our customers, our people and our shareholders.

Our business is to provide world class Manufacturing and Service standards to our customers at a competitive price.
We listen to our customers, learn to understand them and build mutual trust through honesty, integrity and loyalty in all our dealings.
By building mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and striving to make a meaningful contribution to their business, we shall grow.

We will set our own standards and will not be limited by the standards of others.
In response to our customer's needs, we shall strive to lead with technological Innovations in both products and service.
We will accomplish this by employing the most modern, state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and systems.

We have created an environment in which a Customer driven culture will thrive.
We have employed personnel of the highest calibre and provide them with continuous training and support allowing them to grow and develop. In return we seek loyalty to the Company, commitment to its interests and respect for our customers.


We have the ability, infrastructure, people and innovative mindset to compliment and assist in your packaging needs. We are constantly in touch with global and local initiatives, enhancements and changes in process and/or technology taking these innovations to our clients to better serve their needs and differentiate their value proposals of carton packaging.

Although part of a large Company, we are small enough to provide flexible, personal attention to your packaging requirements yet able to leverage the group scale and scope to invest in growth and innovation to suit the requirements of your business.

CTP Packaging would like to thank you for the opportunity of introducing our Company to you and invite you to accept our open invitation to tour our facilities when suitable.



CTP is a Level 3 B-BBEE company.

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CTP Packaging is a ISO 9001:2008 Company.

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CTP Packaging is FSC Chain of Custody Certified.

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CTP Packaging is GS1 certified.

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CTP is a  B-BBEE Level 3 VAV (Value Add Vendor) company.

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